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Fetch Couriers Limited is a freight company with our head office located in El Socorro Trinidad. We offer our customers a personal or corporate US shipping address in Miami Florida to which they can ship cargo. We will receive the cargo, process it and air freight to Trinidad. We will then clear the cargo through customs and deliver to their home or business place. With offices in Trinidad & Tobago and Canada, and our main receiving warehouse and cargo processing facility in Miami Florida, only minutes away from the Miami International Airport, Fetch handles a wide range of cargo from a diverse customer base. Our warehouse in Miami is fully equipped to handle thousands of pounds of cargo daily, and commercial and business cargo can be crated, palletized, boxed based on our customers' specific requirement. With a superb staff who understands the value of excellent customer service, and one that has over five decades combined experience in the Service industry , Fetch Couriers is poised to be the leader in this industry. This is certainly our goal. Because of our experience and committment, we understand that this can only be accomplished by consistently providing an exceptional experience to our customers.

Our offices in Trinidad & Tobago and Canada, coupled with our warehouse processing facility in Doral Florida, we are well poised to support our customers' specific import requirements. In Trinidad, our Fetch office headquarters is strategically located in San Juan, El Socorro which gives us the flexibility logistically, whilst allowing us the opportunity to charge fair, reasonable rates across the board. Similarly our Canadian office is located in the hub of Milton Ontario on Main Street East. Both our local and international locations are most suitably staffed while maintaining our renowned friendly, excellent customer service. Our focus is providing our customers with a superior solution oriented service which promotes a custom fit if and when required.

  • Our focus is you, our customer
  • Our senior staff has decades of experience in supply chain management
  • We believe our difference is our desire to consistently provide excellent, seamless service
  • We can also collect your business cargo in Miami, and deliver to you in Trinidad
  • Our Miami warehouse has the capacity and infrastructure to handle very large cargo as well
  • We can palletize, crate and wrap your cargo if required. We are commercial cargo handlers
This fast paced growth and widening network is the outcome of five basic beliefs:
  • Speed
  • Safety
  • Reliability
  • Economy
  • Service

Fetch Couriers has an integrated Logistics team which enables us to provide total end-to-end solutions to customers, and in keeping with our core belief, we continue to invest substantial effort in building and maintaining strong customer relationships.

Our commitment to excellence in customer service, and its yearning for making it a common household name has opened floodgates to opportunities and challenges which we plan to meet head on. This is the corner stone of our philosophy at Fetch Couriers Limited.